3D nail art

Marine Love

7:09:00 AM
gelish manicure

neon lava ~

8:02:00 AM

cats love ~

10:16:00 PM

fuchsia pink love

7:44:00 AM

french pink with bling ribbons

7:45:00 AM
3D nail art

rainbow roses ~

10:43:00 PM

gun metal rock

8:30:00 AM
3D nail art

neon-ing with crystal roses

11:25:00 PM
3D nail art

victorian sweet style

7:30:00 AM
3D nail art

sweet scary halloween

7:42:00 AM
3D nail art

pink in heart

7:11:00 AM
3D nail art

roses floating in blue glittery sea ~

5:00:00 AM

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